Nutrition tips for toddlers: Healthy habits start early

Apr 24, 2024 | Latest News

At Sorella Early Learning, we understand that a bright future starts with a healthy present. That’s why nurturing little bodies with the right fuel is just as important as fostering curious minds and playful spirits. But how do we make sure our tiny taste buds are enjoying delicious choices that nourish their growth and development?

  • Our in-house chef, a true culinary artist, crafts menus bursting with fresh, local ingredients that cater to all young palates. We believe that healthy shouldn’t have to mean bland, and our meals are proof that nutritious can be absolutely delicious!
  • Mealtimes at Sorella are more than just refueling breaks. They’re opportunities for connection, conversation, and exploration. Our dedicated educators share the table with the children, guiding them through their culinary adventures. We encourage lively chatter, inquisitive minds, and joyful interactions as we savor each bite. These shared moments not only build social skills and confidence but also create lasting memories that lay the foundation for a lifelong love of healthy eating.
  • We believe that the journey to healthy eating starts as early as the kitchen counter. That’s why we involve our little chefs in engaging, hands-on cooking activities, these experiences allow them to explore different foods. It’s all about sparking curiosity, fostering creativity, and nurturing essential life skills like teamwork and following instructions, all while having a blast in the kitchen!

At Sorella Early Learning, we’re committed to partnering with you on your child’s journey towards a healthy and fulfilling life. We believe that by introducing delicious, nutritious foods early on, fostering a love of cooking, and creating positive associations with mealtimes, we can set the stage for lifelong healthy habits. 

Remember, Sorella Early Learning is always here to support you. If you have any questions about our nutrition program or engaging your child in hands-on cooking activities, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can learn more about our nutritional inclusions here

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