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We are a family-owned Early Learning Centre driven by a mission to nurture and empower each child, allowing them to blossom into their best selves.

Our Story

Welcome to Sorella Early Learning, a place where adventure, learning, and growth come together to create a beautiful environment for your child’s development. We are a family-owned Early Learning Centre, driven by a mission to nurture and empower each child, allowing them to blossom into their best selves.

Located in Griffin, our purpose-built centre is designed to inspire creativity, imagination, and a sense of adventure in every child. Our indoor and outdoor spaces are carefully curated to ignite curiosity and provide stimulating experiences that fill each day with joy, laughter, and exciting adventures.

Sorella Early Learning Entrance

We take pride in offering a premium service designed to meet the needs of both our children and families

What we offer


Nutritious Food

Swimming lessons

Indoor/outdoor play

Photo of Mariah, Jess and Dani, the owners of Sorella Early Learning

We are committed to every child and family and want them to receive the best of

Our Story

At Sorella Early Learning we are committed to enhance all aspects of each child’s development by providing an environment that has a strong foundation for positive learning health and behaviour. We believe children, families and staff are an integral part of our community. We want every family to discover the comfort of community, a village where families past and present feel a part of the centre. At our centre we care committed to providing an environment where all families, children and staff feel safe, valued, nurtured, and loved.
Our goal is that each and every family feel like Sorella Early learning is your place. A place where every parent, child and staff feel safe in a friendly environment. Where they will thrive, learn, grow, and reach their full potential.
Our family would like to welcome you and your precious child to our centre. We hope your life will be filled with many happy moments and cherished memories here at Sorella Early learning.

Love from Mariah, Jess and Dani.

Meet our team

Emma Cant

Centre Manager

Having worked in the Early Years sector for 15 years I know that building responsive and respectful relationships with families is the upmost important aspect of children’s growth, learning and development is crucial to their success in becoming citizens of our world.

I believe it takes a village to raise a child. Developing children’s sense of belonging to groups and their local communities building their reciprocal rights as children to have active participation in the communities around them.

I believe in always learning more, keeping current through critical reflections on my own values, principles and practises to continuously strive for better outcomes for myself, team, families and children through a holistic approach.

I’m so proud to work for Sorella Early Learning, where each child’s growth and happiness is at the heart of everything we do!

I have been an advocate for exceeding practices in the Early Years sector since 2005 when I began my journey as an Assistant Educator. I very quickly realised my passion for the industry, and this really drove my commitment to provide a safe, loving, and educational environment for all children.

During my career, I have also completed my Certificate 4 in Training and Assessing and was lucky enough to work as a trainer within the industry also. This extra training and experience has given me great insight in to how to best support, train and mentor staff and get the best out of people, ensuring that our children and families receive the best possible service.

I’m so excited to work closely with our children, families, and Educators to help achieve the Sorella Early Learning mission – to nurture and empower each child, allowing them to blossom into their best selves.

Mellissa Dimauita

Centre Manager
Sorella early learning educator

So, join us at Sorella Early Learning, where your child's growth and happiness are at the heart of everything we do!

Making your mornings stress-free

we build strong connections

As an extension of your family-home, we understand the significance of feeling at ease when entrusting your child to our care, and we make it a priority to build strong connections with our families to ensure a supportive and nurturing environment.

catering to your child's needs

With the help of our barista coffee to catering to your child’s needs; including the provision of nappies and nutritious food and ensuring cosy sheets for a comfortable rest, we take care of every detail.

in-house swimming pool

One of the standout features of our center is our in-house swimming pool. Here, your children can access swimming lessons, equipping them with valuable skills for a lifetime of beach fun in sun-soaked Queensland.

Contact us

Phone: 07 2111 6711
Address: 32 Tesch Rd, Griffin QLD 4503
Hours: 06:30am-06:30pm Monday-Friday


Limited vacancies available