Our environment

Our beautiful early learning centre has been purpose-built with adventure, learning and growth in mind.

sorella early learning swimming pool

Swimming lessons available at our in-house pool

Thoughtfully curated play & learning

Our large indoor and outdoor environments feature thoughtfully curated play and learning spaces to ignite each child’s creativity, imagination and sense of adventure. 

Living in beautiful sunny Queensland, we are fortunate enough to have access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. That’s why our centre has its very own swimming pool – because we believe all children should be confident swimmers.

Our spaces

In essence, these meticulously crafted spaces coalesce to form an enriching environment where children’s holistic growth is nurtured, paving the way for a well-rounded and impactful future.

The Studios

serve as dedicated zones where children’s personal items find a home. These areas are meticulously tailored to cater to distinct age and developmental requirements, brimming with a rich array of tools and materials for young minds to explore and uncover. Within these Studios, adept lead educators and assisting educators are assigned to your child, ensuring a personalized approach to their learning journey.

The Gallery

emerges as a communal arena within our centers, encouraging children to immerse themselves in creative arts. This designated space unfolds a realm of limitless color and artistic expression, extending beyond conventional mediums like paints and pens. Here, children are exposed to an expansive spectrum of creative outlets such as photography, sewing, clay work, and a comprehensive spectrum of artistic pursuits.

The Eatery

stands as a shared setting for communal dining experiences. This space holds profound significance, fostering connections among children and nurturing their verbal social skills. It ignites a passion for food, cultivates self-care habits, and imparts practical life skills that resonate throughout their lives.

The Square

stands as a central gathering point where children from all age groups convene. It serves as a hub for discussions, collaborative planning, center-wide initiatives, and celebrations. Every child’s voice is attentively heard and valued, instilling a sense of belonging and empowerment.

The Lab

unfolds as an experimental kitchen and area, fostering essential life skills through playful exploration. Tailored to a child’s scale, the kitchen offers a platform for them to delve into the realms of food and science, bolstering their understanding through hands-on engagement.

The Lumiere

spaces are thoughtfully designed environments dedicated to the exploration of shadow and light. Within these spaces, children engage with an assortment of materials and lighting tools, facilitating projection, magnification, and illumination that expands their imaginative horizons.

The Library

emerges as a meticulously stocked haven within our center, providing children access to a vast collection of reading materials. Through books, magazines, prints, and immersive language experiences, children cultivate strong communication skills and a fervor for lifelong learning and exploration.

The Oasis

manifests as a communal, functional garden, wherein children shoulder the responsibility of nurturing plants and harvesting produce with respect. This space transforms into a platform for outdoor life skill development, fostering an active commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship among the young minds.

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Address: 32 Tesch Rd, Griffin QLD 4503
Hours: 06:30am-06:30pm Monday-Friday


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