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May 20, 2024 | Latest News

Free Kindy, a significant educational initiative, is poised to be introduced in Queensland, in 2024. This groundbreaking program marks a momentous step forward in early education, ushering in a new era of opportunity for young learners. As we look ahead to 2024, Free Kindy promises to bring quality early education within reach for all Queensland children, setting the stage for a brighter future filled with educational possibilities.

Born in blue, school is for you.

Born in red, it’s kindy instead.

Visit Queensland Government website for more information about Free Kindy, where you can also access the Free Kindy finder

The Path to Early Education Excellence

As parents, we grasp the significance of giving a child’s educational journey a strong start. Free Kindergarten in Queensland aims to deliver precisely that. This initiative guarantees that every child, irrespective of their background, can access quality early education. By introducing Free Kindy, we embark on a journey where we nurture and prepare young minds for the challenges that lie ahead.

Unlocking Educational Opportunities

Free Kindy is not just a program; it’s a gateway to opportunities. By providing 15 hours of free early education each week, 40 weeks a year, children have the chance to engage in a well-structured curriculum that combines play and exploration. This approach sets the stage for a lifelong love of learning.

Empowering Families with Knowledge

Understanding the timing and process of enrolment is crucial for parents. Free Kindy begins in the year before Prep and operates for 40 weeks each year. Discovering the steps to enrolment your child in Free Kindy opens the door to a brighter educational future. For more information about the Free Kindy initiative you can also visit Queensland Government website by clicking here.

The Diversity of Kindergarten Services

When it comes to Free Kindergarten you’ll find that it’s not limited to one type of service. Kindergarten programs are available in different settings, including sessional kindergartens and long day care services. Knowing “where” to find these services and what suits your family’s needs can make all the difference in your child’s early education journey.

Free Kindergarten Queensland is a transformative initiative that empowers families, unlocks opportunities, and sets young learners on a path to success. It’s a journey worth embarking on, and it’s shaping the future of early education for generations to come.

Video courtesy of Queensland Department of Education. Watch the original video here.

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